Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Vampire Novel - A Roundup

Once upon a time you had to search high and low for a vampire novel but now days you can't turn around without tripping over a new angsty teen romance vampire novel. Honestly they have popped up overnight like mushrooms. My theory is that after a certain vampire saga (I read the first two novels and could not bring myself to continue) was published and became very successful all of the publishers went, "Wow! Vampires = Money!" so they went back through the files and found every vampire novel that had ever been rejected and published them all at once. The genre is now all but ruined for me, so I am going to reminisce about the old days of vampire novels (not that I necessarily liked all of these either).

The Vampire Diaries
by L. J. Smith
This was one of the first vampire series I discovered way back in high school (over 10 years ago now). It is your typical girl meets vampire/s love triangle story. Back in high school I thought this was the most awesome series ever but I'm too scared to read it again now as I am pretty sure that I will find it quite bad.

Anno Dracula
by Kim Newman
What if Van Helsing and co had failed and Dracula had survived to run amok in London? Well this novel explains, in particularly gory detail, what happens next. Vampirism is running rampant through London and Jack the Ripper is preying on Vampire prostitutes. I've read this many times and really enjoyed it, I will have to read it again soon and see if it lives up to my memory.

Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries
by Charlaine Harris
I found these 3 or 4 years ago when I was looking for a book to read on a holiday I was about to take. It was definitely a new take on the vampire novel for me and I have since read all of the books in the series many, many times and I have all of the audio books. I have read/listened to them so many times that I am now starting to get disturbed by the amount of violence Ms Harris likes to inflict on her main character. I mean honestly how many times can one woman be beaten up, raped, and almost killed?

Queen Betsy Series
By Mary Janice Davidson
Very funny series though not much substance. I love the character of Betsy, she is sassy and won't take crap from anyone. Her description of her boss and workplace is just classic. Unfortunately the books tend to be on the Mills and Boon side with the author trying to find flimsy excuses to have steamy sex scenes. I love the cover art.

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series
By Laurell K. Hamilton
I cannot stand Anita Blake, she is not likeable in any way. She has a chip on her shoulder. I mean I know she's short but that is no excuse. All she seems to do is run into a situation, then antagonise everyone so that they get annoyed enough at her to attack so that she can righteously slay them. I read the first book and didn't find anything worthy of continuing with the series.

So in closing I would have to say that although I love a good vampire novel they are few and far between. Maybe I have read too many and become jaded. Or I could just be fussy.



  1. I LOOOOOVE Anita! She's vulnerable and tough and I like that.

    You missed le originale - ANNE RICE!

  2. No I don't like Anne Rice either she waffles on way too much. I'm starting to think that I actually don't like vampire novels:)

  3. Love a good Vampire novel.
    I so want to be Betsy or Sookie.

  4. Some of the Anne Rice ones aren't much chop, but some of them are brilliant!