Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Creative Space

Preparations for the Kustom Kraft market on Sunday are in full swing and we have been very busy little rabbits. Cloud has been making use of some of my Spoonflower swatches to create these awesome buttons.

Large Covered Buttons

We got a rubber stamp made up so that we can stamp our paper bags with our details. Unfortunately we had to remove the rabbit from the logo as he probably wouldn't have shown up very well in just one colour. Still looks pretty awesome though!

Voodoo Rabbit RubberStamp

I've been playing around with making some rabbit shaped price tags. I have a large computer controlled cutting machine that I have been playing with to create these.

Swing Tags

And because you can never have too many projects on the go at once, here is a work in progress shot of the top I am making to wear on Sunday to the market. It features my Skull pinstripe fabric printed at Spoonflower. It still requires the arm holes and sides to be bound and then about a gazillion eyelets will be inserted along each side seam so that the sides can be laced up. Last but not least some buttons need to be sewn down the front.

Skull shirt - WIP

Don't forget to check out Kirsty's blog for some more creative spaces.


  1. Good luck at the markets. I love all your rabbity merchandising :)

  2. Love the rabbit price tags.

  3. wow you have been busy this week. Loving the stamp (i need one), buttons (so cute! you know how much I love buttons), rabbit tags (great idea!) and the top looks fantastic! Good luck at the markets.

  4. Everything looks amazing! Love what you have made with your spoonflower fabrics. (btw I'm not sure your link is working from Kootoyoo.)