Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist

I am craving bacon.  It is my all time favourite crispy treat. So much so, that I joined Voodoo Rabbit up to Team Bacon! on Etsy :D

Here's a tribute to the best meat there is (apologies if you're a vegetarian)

The Persistence of Bacon - A Tribute To Salvador Dali and Bacon in Acrylic on Canvas by MindlessPursuits


bacon belt buckle - LEAN and MEAN by LomesomeRoadStudio

iPod Shuffle Bacon Bits Case by Antjes

 If you want more Bacon! love go to the team blog.



  1. haha! these are the only kinds of bacon I like!

  2. really? the only people i know that don't like bacon are vegan or vegetarian

    how do you feel about not-bacon?

  3. Fantastic items! :) Love your post!