Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space (and my dining table) was completely taken over by Cloud. This last week she has been busy finalising the design of her Rabbit Plushie. He has been an ongoing project of hers for at least six months now. There were a number of attempts before she was happy with him.

This one was the first 'non-stumpy' version:

Sacrificial bunny (he just doesn't know it yet)

He got his legs chopped off & and became part of the bunny carnage below:

Bunny Creation_01
Bunny carnage

The bunny propped against the sewing machine also was pulled apart - Cloud wasn't happy with his legs / feet. After one final design alteration to his legs, Cloud cut out the final pattern and got him ready to sew. He looked a bit Hellraiser at this point:

Bunny Creation_02
All pinned up and ready to sew

Handmade Voodoo Rabbit Plushie 02

Finished, photographed and ready to be listed.

He's now done! It is always funny whenever Cloud sews. Sometimes it can be a total disaster. Then the crazy creative impulses she buries away in her brain manifest themselves and we end up with our Voodoo Rabbit Plushie. He is going to be sold in our new store - Voodoo Rabbit Stitches - which will be just for our handmade items.



  1. I think sacrificial bunny knew he was in trouble-he looks worried :( He turned into something pretty cute though