Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Creative Space...

Creativity has been a bit light on this week as my sewing room is a mess in the aftermath of the Kustom Kraft market last weekend, full of boxes of fabric and buttons waiting to be unpacked.

My latest Spoonflower fabric swatches arrived yesterday. Please forgive the foldline through the middle of the samples, my ironing board was under 5 layers of stuff when I was taking the photos.

Spoonflower Swatch - Flaming Cherry Tattoo Large - All

This set is from my Cherry Tattoo Collection and the print is very imaginatively called Flaming Cherry Tattoo Large. It is available in 4 colourways.

Spoonflower Swatch - 8-bit Love - Grey

This one is from a new collection I am starting called 8-bit love, it is called Heart of Darts and was designed in collaboration with my partner Polymonkey. He has a program on his iPhone called 32x32 and creates 8-bit doodles on it obsessively. I decided I should take them and incorporate them into fabric designs.

Don't forget to check out Kirsty's blog for some more creative spaces.



  1. i LOVE the Heart of Darts...fabric of yours.. very pretty! xx KIM

  2. Great looking fabric! Those flaming cherries are pretty amazing!

  3. Ky this is awesome stuff!!! Your fabric samples look amazing!! I can't wait to see more, love that you are collaborating, there are some great iphone aps out there. How was kustom crafts?

  4. Heart of Darts is pretty cute :)

    And I have to ask: Who is Kirsty and what is My Creative Space...?

  5. Every Thursday Kirsty, from the site, hosts my Creative Space. 100+ bloggers show what they have been up to in their creative space during the last week.

  6. Very cool designs. I like that sound of that iPhone app. The flaming cherries are awesome.