Friday, June 4, 2010

Fabric Friday: Bambi Goth

Today we are featuring another of the awesome fabrics that we bought back from Japan. Kawaii deer, skulls and cherries feature on this heavy weight cotton drill from Cosmo Textiles, we have nicknamed it Bambi Goth.

The coolest thing about this fabric is that it is reversible! That's right it is reversible, with a different design on the back.

Reversible fabrics are fantastic for anything with cuffs, roll ups or pockets - like a very sweet pair of shorts for your toddler, a cute skirt for a little girl, a reversible tote bag, a hat, a corset...

All of these items would only require a small amount of fabric, or you can stretch it further but using small sections as embellishments or feature panels on almost any handmade or pre-purchased item.

If you have purchased this item and made something out of it ,we would love to see!

Ky and Cloud