Monday, June 28, 2010

Ghastly Bats Now Available

Ghastly Bats from Alexander Henry has arrived in store.


Hand drawn by Phillip De Leon (co-owner of Alexander Henry Fabrics) these fabrics are part of the Ghastlies Halloween range. We have more designs from this range on order and they are scheduled for delivery in August.

Cloud has demanded that I make her a circle skirt or fifties dress out of this fabric. I told her she can make it herself. I'd better supervise though because Cloud has had mixed results with clothes making. Rabbits are fine. Clothes, not so much :P

Like all Alexander Henry products this fabric is of a very high quality and can be used for dressmaking, craft, quilting... anything you can think of really.



  1. bahahaha @ 'mixed results' :) I'm so going to use that....

  2. Does the drool rule count? I drooled on it so it's mine now? No? Damn. I would love to see that as a dress! Or a skirt! Or on my shelf ;D