Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SOLA: Craft Fair - 1 June 2010

No Wishlist Wednesday today - we have decided to tell you about the Saviours of the Lost Arts Craft Fair instead :)

The Brisbane City Council organised a huge affair in King George Square yesterday to allow local artisans / crafters an opportunity to show off their skills with workshops and promote their micro-businesses by holding market stalls. It was a fantastic event and Voodoo Rabbit had a stall there.

June 1 2010 - Craft Fair Stall 02

Here we are - all set up and ready to go. Cloud is standing in front reading a supplier catalogue and I was  behind the table trying to quickly eat my breakfast. Cloud had to run off to her day job after set up so I was on my own for most of the day.

June 1 2010 - Craft Fair Stall 03

We had our handmade Voodoo Rabbit Stitches bags and cushions there yesterday but people weren't interested... they were after fabric. Lots of fabric! I was run off my feet all day. Luckily Cloud came up at lunch time so I could have some food. It was exceptionally busy while she was there. The beautiful weather for the first day of winter really drew people out of their offices and down to the market during their lunch break.

I also had a lovely time chatting with Ellie from Red Seed Studio who had the stall next to me. If you are in the market for beautiful hand screenprinted eco friendly fabric and products you should definately check out her store.


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