Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Creative Space

New Spoonflower fabric swatches to show off this week, I haven't come up with a final name for the range yet so I would love any suggestions. Some or all of these designs will be available for purchase from the Spoonflower marketplace in the next day or so.

Goth Bunny fabric - All Swatches

This bunny design is based on a quick doodle that Cloud made when she was designing her felt bunny badges. He was so cute that I though he would be perfect to turn into a fabric design.


We made up this design especially so we could make self covered buttons.

Goth Bunny Fabric Buttons

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  1. Personally, I think the range should be named "Squeeee!" cos that is the noise I made when Ky first showed me the fabrics :D

  2. LOL... I went squeee too.
    They are gorgeous!

  3. Oh gosh! the button are adorable! I want one!

  4. Let's all "Squeee" together! Gorgeous fabrics

  5. Oh lurve the little felt bunny, so cute!

  6. It's fabulous!
    Definitely squee!
    you are both so clever.

  7. I am squeeing (if that's a word, LOL) too!!! Voodoo bunny brooches would be so popular! And those buttons...drool, looooove self-cover buttons...

  8. I am just about to embark on this fabric designing thing... am excited and nervous.

  9. Fabrics look great! Sometimes the simple inspirations are the best.