Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Dress

I have been working on this dress for quite a while now and have only just managed to finish it.
The pattern is Vogue 2902 and it is only the second Vogue pattern that I have attempted to make. As Vogue patterns are notoriously difficult, I enlisted some help from my sewing teacher, Alison. Even with help it was a difficult pattern to fit due to the strange way that the bodice is constructed. I don't think I have ever done as much unpicking as I did on this dress.

Vogue Vintage Dress

The top band and straps are sewn as a seperate piece that is then topstiched over the main bodice piece. The fit can't be checked until this step has been done. Unfortunately for me, it is the point where I discoverd that the dress needed to be taken in approx 2cm on each side. I had to unpick and resew the side seams on the lining, bodice, piping and top band to do the adjustment.

Vogue Vintage Dress - Bodice detail

The front darts are very short and deep and difficult to sew without having pointy bits at the front of the dress. Madonna in her Gaultier stage is not the look I was going for! In the end Alison suggested turning the darts into fake princess seams so that they could be eased out over a longer distance and the pointy bits avoided.

Vogue Vintage Dress - Belt

The waistband also proved to be problematic. It took several attempts to get it straight. I also made a belt to hide any remaining wonkiness.

The outer fabric is a Yuwa print that I picked up on sale while I was in Japan earlier this year.
I have lined the dress with cotton voile which ended up costing 2 or 3 times more than the outer fabric. It is worth it as cotton is much better than a synthetic lining in the Brisbane summer heat.

Vogue Vintage Dress - Twirl Front

Overall the dress has turned out ok and the skirt has a satisfyingly high twirl rating.



  1. Look at you! All twirly and not at all like a spambot!

    I will roll you for those shoes if they are a size ten.

  2. Love it! I think it was worth the hassle, the details look superb!

  3. Gorgeous - well worth the extra effort me thinks :)